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Breathe Again

Keys to Personal Growth

#1 To Heal Is To Forgive

I Know easier said than done, right? But life isn’t about taking Easy Street you gotta crawl before you walk. When you are truly ready for change within you, your mentality and even with your surroundings, then you will get up and do something about it. Once You Decide to “Let Go” then the steps towards healing can truly begin. Take time to find a place that is quiet, rather in your car, outside at the park or even if you gotta go sit inside your closet to find peace, go and find it. Breathe, cry, do whatever you need to do and afterward make a conscious decision that will better your situation(s) with a change of thought. Meditate, soak in the words that I speak and press forward with determination to be set free.

As I sit and listen to the water falling against my window pane

So Unusual this time of year

Yet still Right On Time

That Cool Breeze through my window feels so refreshing like a

Hot Bubble bath after a long day

Soaking up the sudden Moment I’ve Come to Embrace

My heart no longer race with the New Journey that I’ve Come To Face

Reminded to just Breathe

Learning to Practice what I Preach

I Aim to reach my Greater Me

Choosing to forgive all those who have come against me

For my sake, so I can Be Free once and for all

Ah , The Soothing Sound of the Storm Rumbling in

Singing to My Heart Releasing this Newfound Peace

Tomorrow Might Appear to be the Same

Press the Reset Button

Correcting the hurt that lingers inside

I Will Smile Again

Led by the Holy Spirit that Lives inside me

Pressing to move from Victim to Over-comer

I Will Laugh Again

No Longer, Will, I Remain in the Abyss of “What If”

Gaining New Confidence

I Shall Live Again

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