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Becoming…. the Change….. I want to see

No one else can accomplish this for me Change has come by switching my thoughts and choosing to live outside of mere man’s tradition and logic Convincing self that there is a scientific explanation of why things occur the way they do; the who’s, what’s, when’s, and how things came about Mathematically calculating the incalculable meaning of Infinity Stomped with uncovering the truth, They then set out to DILUTE the mind with a deadly venom that consumes the perception of the people Side Effects including but not limited to: Boastfulness, Arrogance, and Pride; Violent, Self Loathing, Depression and Spiritual Suicide; Blurred vision, Double-mindedness and Lost Of True Self Intentionally shattering your health Bringing them more wealth and Self proclaimed the honor Covering up the truth with deception, to feel more superior, drifting among the land of the lost only deceiving themselves, Living within their own hell That’s not me Free from my own Egypt I No longer live in autopilot claiming defeat I choose to stand and claim Victory! People and things may come to try to cause me to Rethink my vision and embracing the truth of me But I have a remedy stronger than any version of Visine An Elixir no man can concoct Taking away the blurred vision, itch, and burning That remedy is He that lives in me Restoring my vision, Clearly, I see That I can do ALL THINGS through Christ Jesus who strengthens me Setting my mind on all things true, No longer anchored by negativity I choose to shake the bonds that have once bound me With this mind in me, I Am now Free I know who I AM I know my destiny!

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