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 Embrace Change as an Opportunity to Grow.

The only way any crop or plant can grow is when it is in season.  It cannot grow unless the atmosphere is just right for that individual strand. If it is planted out of season the chances are it won’t grow healthy and strong.

This analogy can be applied to all life forms. If we, as humans, continue to fight against the season we face it will only lead to more stress. Let’s say it’s Winter, one of the worst seasons in years, If we fight, kick, scream and complain about how much we hate the cold – It won’t make the season pass any quicker- you will just find yourself bitter, cold and upset.  In reality, if it’s cold and snowing we’re not going to go out there in summer gear commanding the season to reverse itself.  Most likely you will go and invest in the appropriate attire that’s designed to protect you from harsh conditions. Investing in that attire is a form of growth. As you learn, you will grow (hopefully for the better) all the more. Change always opens a door of opportunity for destined growth. Leading you to an upgraded version of yourself and your mentality. You don’t always have to like change but in the end, it’s turn out more necessary at the end of it all.

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