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This is Awesome,

You Made it! I thought you'd never get here, but here you are, in one piece! Well...hopefully...regardless of what you are facing in your journey, I am sure glad this pit stop landed you right where you need to be at this moment in time.

As you know, many of us have a story and have something to say, in hopes to reach the ears, minds, and hearts of those who are willing to listen. I am one of those many voices in the wind and you will find many life-changing, enriching thoughts and creative expressions poured out on this site. Which was simply created to reach out to those who are like me, those who have been dealt the rough hand of life. Those who have been abandoned, betrayed, rejected, bullied, outcasts, and the list goes on. So many roads have led to traumatic experiences that affect and even torment us even through adulthood, aiming to be free but struggling to find the right remedy.

Maybe I can assist, or maybe I can simply be a voice to remind you that even though you feel alone, you really aren't and there are so many others who actually get it and do not pretend like problems won't exist.

At some point in our journey, we all seek encouragement or help on some scale. Believe it or not, even those who are financially stable still need help dealing with matters of the heart unsure of how to break the bondage within. So, I've come to shine some light on some things, so we grow together, even in the areas where I currently am still fighting to overcome as I aim to be a generational curse-breaker, but it takes steps and the willingness to want to become better. The things I say will be real, as the life we live is real and merely to awaken the mind and help those who seek sound guidance through life.

I don't expect everyone to agree with what I say and even do, but If I lived life people pleasing then I wouldn't be here today and living in the shadows of the unrealistic expectations of others. I care more about helping you learn to embrace yourself, even when the world rejects you. I care about you learning to Delight In Your Difference despite what the world requires of you!

Because if you were meant to be like, look like and act like somebody other than yourself, then your true purpose would be a copycat, not an originator. Where's the fun in that? The goal is to cause you to look at things differently than you normally would, You can’t control the world and the things that occur but you can learn to control yourself. Ready to take on this reflection challenge with me? Good! Because I ran my mouth long enough.

We get so used to the negative that we tend to forget, it can all be reversed with the renewing of our mind.

The Gist:

I will share with you various topics, mind-provoking thoughts, creative expressions, and other topics and/or resources that are helpful to someone out there. Reigniting that which has been lost, riding the weights of hindering past failures/setbacks/regrets.

I pray that these words are a blessing to you and that you are able to develop a new form of “THOUGHT” and move from one level of understanding to the next.

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