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Dead Of Night

What do I do now? I gave you my heart Now in the deadly silence of this night I hear something crack & crumble Like shattered glass falling to the floor No longer shall it beat to the melodic tune Of those beautiful acoustic strings I hurt someone & in turn reaped the seed I’ve sown

If suffering is what I’ve truly earned Then may it come swiftly Placing an end a false hope that chokes me tightly like a rope around my throat

My smile… it fades As the wind blows out the once shimmering flame on that single wick The #lastbreathe of anything more soon cease to breach my lungs May I never feel again

The #vision once develop hoodwinked by circumstances unforeseen Neither you or I can hold onto that dream So we stop fighting to hold onto something long dead Autumn leaves fall at last til its last leaf flutter with the wind This death is chilling but what can we do? The bond is painfully severing all that we looked forward to

Wanted my friend back yet lost so much more I guess this is a world never to have been explored The silence grows louder in this cold chilling night The glass has shattered In the #deadofnight

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