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Live On Purpose

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Nothing in life comes easy to any of us but the challenges we face should not stop us from taking chance on ourselves. This is something that I have to remind myself of often, as one who has struggled with the battle depression over the years I made a decision that I will do whatever takes to make myself a priority and make intentional steps to "Live On Purpose". I wasn't sure where to start at first but I realized I needed to find a hobby or two and dive in the world of imagination, rekindling the fires that have been turned off over the years. Restoring the childlike spirit that has been buried because of "life happening".

I grabbed some Play-Doh and created whatever came to mind and formed a little

goblin and named “Glorp”.

You to find your peace of mind or reach whatever short terms goal is needed.

Setting time for yourself should be a top priority because if you’re not alright then how can you benefit from helping anyone else. Yes, we all get busy but it is important to be intentional in setting time in yourself, even if that means getting up earlier to accomplish this. Go and find a space if you can and take your mind into a place of solace and just breathe, even if all you can spare is five minutes. That five minutes can make a world of difference especially if you are making sure it is practiced daily. Whether that be breathing exercises, meditation, taking a brief walk around the block, or playing with Play-doh!

Do whatever it takes until you are able to find your peace, and then build upon that to add to your arsenal in finding what brings you joy, the more you do that the more you find yourself living on purpose.

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