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True Beauty

What Is True Beauty?

Does it focus on the right makeup? Or the height of your cheekbones? Does beauty lie within the number of compliments your receive or what brand of shoes your wear? Is it determined by the number of people whom you surround yourself with filling you with things you only Want to hear?

What Is True Beauty

Is it based on how much botox or physical alterations you get?

Is it an addicting habit of buying that “next best thing” only to find yourself empty? Maybe it’s being cruel to others because you think “you’re better” and stepping on those who are different? True Beauty isn’t any of these things. It isn’t based on the perfection of your skin or the brightness of your teeth Nor is it reliant on the perfect weight. Beauty isn’t based on your height, size, or shape.

It isn’t prideful, nor does beauty care about your looks Beauty is beyond the outer cover of a book It represents itself as loving and kind True beauty spews out from the heart, not from the items you buy It’s a freedom from what others say about you

True Beauty represents truth It does not boast or make others feel less than their worth It isn’t based on whose bloodline you carry It’s charitable, loving, and kind Free from envying or deceit It does not harm those around us It doesn’t violate someone’s trust

True Beauty can neither be borrowed nor bought It represents a virtue that many won’t aim to obtain Once in one’s grasp, it’s valued more than any temporary thing Let’s move from a popularity contest and develop a new understanding moving from the outer population demanding Develop peace within and embrace the truth of you Wrap your arms around yourself and love you for you don’t go on carrying past scars with the intent of causing others harm

The world defines beauty as an illusion of self-centered conceit which leads many to utter defeat Be filled with new hope, love, and joy move with a smile on your face Relieved from the pressure of shallow thinking For what lies within is the true key to obtain this form of purity True Beauty is You!

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