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Dream Big!

Life Sho’ll Ain’t Easy

Doesn’t matter what stage or age you are, it can just be downright difficult sometimes! Especially when dealing with the disturbing mindsets of those closest to you. Who seem to have no other ambition in life other than to make each waking day a living nightmare for you.

I’m telling you: Behind the closed doors of dwelling even the walls cry out to be relieved from the continuous pain that exists, that silenced mouth dare not scream out.

Yet, no matter how controlled the environment, the matters of the heart struggles to conceal the flaws of this painted picture of “perfection” called “Life”.

Sucked down into a whirlwind of hopelessness

Fears of Abandonment rise

Constant headaches from silent cries at night

Yearning to SCREAM at the top of your lungs! Wanting someone, anyone to hear…To Understand without the constant criticism from those opposed to who you truly are. Do you know who you are?

I’ve come to tell you that you are more than what they say that you are. You are a star and it’s your God-given Right to STAND OUT and Shine!

I know, I know, you’re thinking,” It all sounds good but take a day in my shoes. Live my life for a little while and see if you feel the same after that!”

Let me tell you something, just because I don’t walk in your circle doesn’t mean I don’t hurt as you do. To tell you the truth I still carry some scars of my past with me this very day.

No matter how much I want to forget the Haunting past just Sticks

Hard to Kick the repetitive thoughts of mental, physical, and verbal abuse which lead me down a destructive path. See I come from a city of broken dreams where you’d be lucky to live to see the age of fourteen.

Never encouraged, always put down and discouraged being fed negative garbage of being worth nothing more than laying on my back! Gonna have 100 kids living in the projects. I got exposed to so much Vial it started to spread like a Virus consuming me whole to the point that I started to believe the lies I’ve been fed.

No matter how much my mind wanted to exit this world, my heart, my soul wouldn’t let me quit. Had I not developed a personal relationship with Jesus I swear I wouldn’t have made it. May sound crazy to you but He held my hand and comforted me becoming my Best friend through it all This is no psycho babble religious stuff. Even though I failed over and over again I would not lay down and become what they said that I Am!

I’m telling you, no matter what you face, no matter how hard to escape that place of heartache. In time you can still reach your dream! Stand Up and prove to those who have come against you that their words no longer control you! More importantly, prove to yourself that you are more than what they try to make you think you are!

Life isn’t meant to be made easy

Those rough times are necessary to grow, mold, and shape you to become better than those around you in order to help others along the way. It doesn’t make a lot of sense as to how darkness can bring the best out of you but I’m telling you- It’s those hard times that can humble and drive you to want to do better.

Put It like this, ” Before a crop grows its seed has to be planted in soil (darkness) first before blooming into its full purpose.” Again, ” Just because it’s cloudy out doesn’t mean the sun stops being the sun, it still shines”!

If you can think it you can dream it. If you can Dream it, You can reach it! No matter how many detours you take to get there.

Get Focused and Stay Determined to succeed despite what others say and do. If the Lord is on your side, I mean, who can seriously stop you? Don’t you realize they only come against you due to their own insecurities? So They Cast Stones with the hopes to cause you to become as miserable as they are.

And stop worrying about what it’s like to be in someone else, if you were meant to be different then you would have been born as someone else. Be True to You! Embrace who you are and LOVE all of you! Wonderfully made in the image of our creator!

So Stand Out and be not ashamed of who you’re meant to be! Things won’t be easy but hold onto that dream! Stretch your roots like an oak tree

Steady and strong refusing to double over when faced with a difficult storm! Things won’t always go according to plan but pick yourself up and try again my friend and if nobody else has your back, God Does, this is what I’ve come to learn growing up. Even though I was filled with anger and rage with the world I had to face, the Lord has given me strength and peace, pushing me forward to move on.

I come to you doing what I love and living one of my many dreams to come. If I can make it out of the violent streets of Chicago I know you can overcome just know that you’ve already won!

Keeping moving because there is a world out there waiting for you to make a move. The sky isn’t the limit but it’s a good place to start, reaching to achieve the desires of your heart.

So stand tall, dream BIG, sing, dance, laugh, pray, and play! NO matter What Stay DETERMINED to REACH Your Brighter Day!

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