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I’ll Never Forget You

Ever since I met you my world hasn’t been the same

No matter how rough I was on the Xterior you stuck around seeing what was truly in my heart picking me apart and removing the mask, finding A girl once lost, abandoned, and angry at the world damaged and hurt with no true sense of self-worth You found me at my lowest point and exposed me to something new something…. unconditional Never thought I’d smile again or regain my voice Bound by my haunting past, those around me didn’t uplift but laugh spitting in my face But you, slow to wrath, quick to love, where did you come from? You took my mess from my shoulders and molded me bringing me to a new form of thought Teaching me I don’t have to become what everyone expects me to be, but I become a better ME Outcast, unique, with the eloquence of expression You pointed me towards the right direction and even when I fought you, tried to run and hide You sat right there, patiently waiting for me, not allowing me to get far It is because of you that I Am no longer ashamed of looking in the mirror wishing I could change my identity You caused me to love me, yet, fall in love with you I’ll Never forget you! Perfect and true in all your ways I desire to follow you for the rest of my days A true friend is hard to find Now that I have you, I won’t let you leave my life Your beyond man’s mere logic A positive example that all should follow From the heart, I just gotta tell you I’ll Never forget you! Even when I don’t always understand why I have to face what I face, even if I lose everything, yet will I continue to run this race You have given me hope and a newfound faith from the slums to victory! Your face shall I seek, for I wouldn’t be here today If you didn’t do what you did back then and continue to do then my life would have been no more But Thank you, Thank You, I have been restored! Dark days are no more I’ll Never forget you!

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