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Proceed with Caution

Be Careful:

There are many snares out there that entrap people from all walks of life. So many things are labeled as “good” is being placed before the people waiting to ensnare them. Enticing the mind with what was already internally drawing your curiosity like Adam and Eve. Then just at the right moment…BOOM…It lures you in like a fish on a hook. The more you squirm the easier it is to lure you in, laughing in your face and taunting you, because you fell victim to your own mind.

You then find yourself in a world spiraling out of control, crying aimlessly, stressing and struggling to get out of the position you placed yourself in. Asking yourself questions you already know the answer to like “how did I get here?” Can I tell you that Not everything that shows itself as good is good? Be Mindful people of the things that set itself up to intentionally bind you. The way to do that is to simply pay attention and think before acting on it and I mean thoroughly think about that which has caught your eye, and the scenario that would take place if you partake in that desire. King David got caught up he saw this women name Bathsheba he just had to have, she looked good in all the right places and felt because of his superiority he could get her. So he laid down with her, even though she was married to Uriah, and got her pregnant. King David knew her husband and decided to put this man on the front line of battle where fighting was the fiercest, setting him up to be killed so he could have her for himself. When this act was done, he took her in and married her, pretending to have nothing to do with it. But God saw this and was displeased at this thing he did, so he sent Nathan the prophet to David to give him a metaphor and at the end of this story David was angry. He said this person should die for the thing he has done and Nathan revealed to the king that he (David) was the one who has done this heinous act and all that was given to him would be taken away and the sword would not leave his home due to the crime committed. He, however, recognized the error of his ways and sought God for forgiveness, then sinned no more thereafter (2 Samuel 11-12)

I say all of that to say this, just because it looks good, smell good or maybe even taste good, doesn’t make it good. Too many people, including myself, have found themselves caught up in a world of drama, heartache, or even loss due to being lured in by one’s own lust and desire’s. We lead our own self into a dark state because of a decision to “live a little”, nothing is wrong with enjoying this life and the splendor thereof but something is wrong with pretty much making a fool of yourself with drunkenness and brawling. Giving into materialistic things, killing each other over the so-called best deals these companies falsely present itself as having. Entrapping you calling it a holiday, which only increases the money gong into their pockets, while your mourning because your bankroll is lighter. Infamous names being thrown on it disguising their true intent behind it. Again I tell you, Not everything that shows itself as good is good. Just because it’s called candy and it’s sweet doesn’t make it good for your health, just because a pretty little lady catches your eye, doesn’t mean she has your best interest in mind. You may find yourself with a child out of wedlock or with a deadly disease slowly killing you daily or simply with a woman you’ll never love. Just because a man shows you a glimpse of what your definition of happiness look like, doesn’t mean he’s not plotting to control you somewhere down the line or that he is even the one for you at all. Just because technology has its benefits, doesn’t mean you should live your life depends on it. People have literally lost their lives because their faces are stuck on the screen and distracted from their surroundings. A young man, God rest is soul, was shot in the head on a public train. The culprit was laughing and waving his gun around, pointing it at people amazed that no one was paying attention, no one even lifts their heads to glance around, they were too busy with their faces glued to the screen. The only time they looked up is when it was too late. A young lady was so into her phone she walked right off of the train platform onto the tracks, thankfully someone pulled her out before the train came.

Am I saying to be paranoid with anyone or anything you come to encounter with? No, I am saying, think and think again, and when you felt you have reached a decision give it more thought, also pray to seek wisdom and guidance. You’ll come out better pacing your steps, considering the possible after-effects than to rush into things. It all starts within the mind before it manifests itself into the physical, Be aware at all times and know that even good can catch you up if your mind is not right.

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