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Rain Makes The Flower Grow

There is a time and season to everything under the sun. Times of joy and laughter, times of confusion and fear, even times of prosperity. But, there are many who are experiencing a season that does not appear to have an ending in sight. Faces and scenarios change, yet, the outcome is the same. A sense of hopelessness, and sorrow arising, unable to find a break, bills are sky high, a family falling apart, house up for foreclosure and funds are minimal to none. Worried, stress and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Many are faced with severe violence where the bomb’s dropped in their backyard is the apart of the everyday norm, diseases and famine at an all-time high.

Somewhere around the globe things are so bad to the point where parents have to sell their offspring in order to survive. Sending them to a world that many choose to turn their eye from. The children become enslaved to the darkness where no light is in sight, conformed to sickening routines performed on the highest bidder. Can I tell you, no matter how severe the situation, that rain makes the flower grow? Although some seasons are long, all storms must come to an end and even though it destroys things around you, it will pass. Sometimes we get so caught up in a panic, we fail to view that which we face differently. How can one truly appreciate peace without going through some form of mayhem? How can one define good or bad without firsthand experiencing it? Things that arise and come against you from every corner may appear to destroy you, but in actuality, it has appeared merely to mold and strengthen you.

Before a seed develops, it sits in a cold dark place covered in dirt, which is a situation that appears to have no way out. The soil gets watered and that seed begins to sprout roots and although unseen, it still knows the light is shining on the surface, beyond what it currently faces. That seed continues to press forward despite the challenges. It, eventually, grows strong enough to rise above the debris piled on top of it becoming stronger as it press reach the surface. Because that plant fought live and reach its energy source, it’s no longer blinded by darkness and begins to experience marvelous light, blooming into something beautiful. The flower opens it’s mouth and states, “ If I can make it though, so can you.”

You must look beyond what you face, and fear not, stand your ground believing your needs are already met in advance. There are many scenarios people had to face in the Bible, who have gone through many troubling, even, horrific times. A real popular one is the story of Job, he endured a great deal, but at the end of his pain and suffering, he received double of what he lost for his trouble. Stay encouraged and take this to heart, the bigger the problem appears to be the bigger the blessing on its way, we go through what we go through to become stronger and better but, also, to reach out help another. So count even your darkest days as a blessing in disguise for that which you view as trouble is really causing you to step into your greatness!

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