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Stand Your Ground

No matter what comes your way

Stand your ground believing that there is a brighter day

Allow nothing outside of you to tell you what and how to feel

You’re in control of you and no one else

If you’re in a bind and don’t know what to do, see it as already done and watch how the Lord carry you through

There’s always light in the darkest of tunnels

So keep moving forward, even when you stumble

Something better is always ahead you just have to dig deep and reach out for it that it no longer lay dead

Know who you are and live with a cause

Get passionate, don’t drift among the lost

What you’re going through is only meant to build your character

So lift your head up and know better is ahead of ya’

If those around you choose to be negative

Don’t feed into it; don’t let it get the best of you

Their problem is only within themselves, living in their own hell

Even if you cry, cry towards your victory, knowing what God has for you is for you

No one… no one can take that away from you

All is well, but you have to believe it and see your way through the walls that barricaded you in

Get a better mindset that will cause you to win despite the failures of the past

Stand your ground without staggering in your faith knowing who’s got your back

Stand your ground and the enemy will flee

Stand Your Ground and You’ll have Victory!

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