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The Journey Is Good

Rough Road Ahead

We all have our own individual journeys that are full of different experiences, The things we have faced have affected us in a positive and negative light. Sometimes the negative can influence us so much that we tend to forget the good that has occurred beforehand. Many try to move on by suppressing the thoughts with hopes to forget the trauma experienced. I will call these negative experiences a “leech”. The Leech(es) found a way to lodge itself into the subconscious of those affected for an ample amount of time. Once we feel we are getting on track this leech abruptly barges back into our lives at the most inconvenient times reminding us that this issue hasn’t gone anywhere and won’t go unless dealt with accordingly.

Side Note: I say “we” because I am a flawed individual dealt a harsh hand in life and do not think myself above any other person. I am not ashamed to say I have been and can be just as screwed up as the next person if I don’t check myself constantly.

The journey is good is a simple reminder, regardless of how other people are or what situations we put ourselves in that have led to some challenging time if you or I am able to open our eyes the next day despite what could have happened then the Journey (your life) is still good (even if the pieces are still being put together).  In order to live a fulfilled life, one must learn to face its most challenging obstacle which is Self. We have to learn to heal, to be rejuvenated, and renew our minds so we can truly know what freedom is and be able to share with others along the way.

With all of that being said, I will provide food for thought with the hopes of causing you to view things from a different perspective then find a way to make it work for you. You will be given short yet powerful keys that will enlighten you and move you to the next level within your journey

Until then…

Stay Determined to achieve Your most ultimate Dreams Allowing No-one To Snatch it Away!-Soulful Ambitions

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